This is why Plumbers charge so much

Experimenting with DIY plumbing is not a smart idea for any individual. The best solution is always to hire a professional Toronto plumber who will take care of your plumbing problems for you.

We all know that plumbers are expensive and hence, the temptation to DIY plumbing. The hourly rates of the plumbers are just too much and the flat rate plumbing companies seem to charge a lot to do a little work. The equipment of plumbing is far cheaper than the actual hiring price for the plumbers. Do you know the reasons why plumbers are charging so much? If not, here are some—

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#1 Education

To become a licensed plumber, one should undergo a lot of years of training. After high school, a vocational course in plumbing must be completed followed by apprenticeship, and an exam to get a license. The student has to pay for all of this and he/she will still remain a beginner. After getting the license, to become a master plumber, a candidate must undergo a lot more training and must pass a lot more exams. As these plumbers are very high in demand these days, the plumbing companies give them fair salaries to keep a skilled plumber in their organization.

#2 Travel

Having a truck at one’s dispose all the time is certainly not cheap. Toronto plumbers usually travel in an insured and stocked truck. Any particular day, a plumber usually travels about 100 miles going from one place to another. The maintenance of these trucks is also not easy, in addition to cost for fuel. Thousands of dollars are usually spent by plumbers in servicing, maintaining and fuelling their trucks.

#3 Staff

A plumbing company is not run by just fixing and installing things. The company needs full-time employees to manage everything besides plumbing in their companies. This staffs does the accounts, attends phone calls, takes queries, solves queries, takes bookings, and advertises their services etc. The front-end which appears so organized and seamless is because of the relentless back-end employees in the offices.

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#4 Dangers

Toronto plumbers, even though they make plumbing seem easy, are under a risk all the time. They have to come in contact with dangerous materials regularly. The dangers are far too wide and yet, the brave plumbers do it anyway. They can not only get sick themselves, but will also be a danger to others as they can spread any bacteria they had come across as a part of their job.

#5  Equipment

Even though you can buy tools for plumbing at your local store, those cannot do much when it comes to actual plumbing. Specifically designed tools are a must for any plumber to get a job done. Toronto plumbers have high-end equipment which requires training to use. This equipment costs thousands of dollars and can also go upto a much higher range.

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When you hire a Toronto plumbers to do any job, make sure that you pay them in full because it not only goes to the plumber but also to the company. The plumber will also be set on doing a fantastic job when he/she gets a handsome payment in return to their deserving services.  That way, you can be sure of having the top-notch plumbing done and the plumber will be happy to have a top-notch customer for his/her services!

How to Skim Coat Your Walls and Ceilings

The painting of the walls and callings of your home can be damaged in many ways. It can be damaged by water or your child’s scribbling. Whatever the reasons might be, you are responsible to make the damages go away. This might pose a real problem for you if you do not know how to do the skim coating. Don’t fret; the experts of painters Toronto is by your side. Here are the steps following which you can skim coat your house without burning hole in your pocket.

Prepare the Room

You need to prepare the room even before starting the skim coating process. If you think that this is an unnecessary step, then you will pay the price at the time of clean up. The most necessary step that you can take is to remove any furniture that is near the area. If you are skim coating only one wall then you can move the furniture across the room, advice the experts of painters Toronto. However, the ceiling job requires you to move the furniture completely away from the room. You should also remove any socket covering that is on the wall. Cover the floor with plastic and tape it down before you start working on the project.

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Start the Process

Take the joint compound and stir it vigorously. Expert painters Toronto advice you to use an electric drill to stir the material. In this way, you can make the product completely smooth without wasting much time on it. You can also use premixed plaster. Always remember that the consistency of the material should be just like the batter of a cake. After you reach the consistency, scoop the compound on a hawk, a tool that holds plaster. Use a drywall knife to apply the plaster on the surface. Continue the work until you make the surface smooth. Then let it dry. Remember that the plaster will take several hours to dry completely.

Sand the Surface

After the plaster is dry, start sanding the surface to make it even smoother. Use a pole sander to reach the high places. Do not forget to clean the walls and ceiling after the sanding is complete. There will be a storm of dust, so, do not forget to take protection for mouth, eye and nose protection when sanding.

Check Your Work

Check for any imperfection that is still present at the surface. You might need to apply two or more coats of plaster to make the surface perfectly smooth. The experts of painters Toronto advise you to apply the plaster horizontally to achieve smoothness.

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Prime and Paint

Once you think the perfect smoothness has been achieved, it is the right time to apply primer. The experts advise you to use latex based primer so that the paint can be applied smoothly. The primer also takes some time to dry. After it is dry, you should again check for any imperfection. If there isn’t any, then you should start to paint the surface. The experts of painters Toronto suggests that You should also choose latex-based paint for the surface which can suite better with the latex based primer that you have used previously.

As you have prepared a beautiful new surface, it is up to you how to decorate it. You can give the room a new look, or just make it match with the rest of the house perfectly.