Improve Your Technical SEO with 2 Simple Frameworks

Today marketers are obsessed with SEO services, site rankings, traffic and being relevant to search engines. In this competitive digital sphere, technical SEO acts as a guerilla tactic that helps a site bolster its indexation, rank, and crawlability.

However, with the horde of options and technical fixes available, one can get carried away and reach a point of no return while dealing with technical SEO. Hence, today this blog will explain a 2 framework procedure that points out what to target when it comes to technical SEO.

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Starting with:

  1. Index and Crawlibility

SEO 101 states that Google needs to index a company’s page to feature it on search engines. The primary reason people hire Toronto SEO company is to ensure that with proper keyword optimization and other factors a company’s page is properly optimized and featured at the top of SERP.

The Technical Part Includes:

  • Make Sure All Pages are Indexed

Enter site: in your targeted search engine and use an SEO crawling tool to discover indexation status. In case, the indexed URL isn’t identical the number of the URL’s in your database it might indicate a duplicate URL. In that case, use Google’s recommended steps to fix it.

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  • Make Resources Crawlable

Normally, you can understand the important crawlable pages via Robots.txt. However, stay alert for Orphan pages, X-Robot-Tag headers, and noindex meta tag.

  • Optimize Crawl Budget

Optimizing crawl budget helps in cleaning out technical glitches. Hence, go to Google Search console and click on Crawl > Crawl Stats, to find crawl budget. Now, enhance crawl budget by fixing broken links, proper redirection, improper indexing and elimination of duplicate pages and content.

  • Go for Mobile Indexing

One major reason for consulting Toronto SEO company is mobile indexing. Utilize long tail keywords for voice optimization, focus on local SEO campaigns and create content after weighing the pros and cons of AMP pages.

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  1. Effective Site Navigation

Sites which are easy to navigate are essential for users as well as bots, as simple navigation help improve crawlability of a website.

  • Review the Sitemap

Upload your sitemap on Google Search Console and keep it up-to-date and free from errors. This site map helps search engines navigate to your site easily and helps in channelizing crawlers towards fresh novel contents.

  • Manipulate the Internal Linking Framework

What most SEO services instruct is to keep one’s click depth as low as possible, and anchor every internal link with a recognized text that will indicate where users will end up. The smoother the navigation process the more search engines will understand a website’s framework.

  • Frame Out a Logical Categorizing

The ideal scenario as stated by Toronto SEO company is when every essential site is accessible within 3 clicks from the respective homepage.  So, ensure that content is crisp and not too in-depth as the more number of clicks means heavier in-depth content.

Well, there you go, now that you’ve considerable information on the technical know-how related to SEO, hurry and implement these changes. Don’t just work on content and web design, master it all and rule the SERP.